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Maths & physics student at McGill U. Swimming coach. I do judo, bike & x-country ski. I design & code. I love reading. DFTBA.

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call us brutal, sick, sadistic, and grotesquely optimistic
‘cause way down deep inside we’ve got a dream!


I like that they’re all so supportive of one another, but still decide to crack in skulls when they get mad.

Such good friends.

This is like, the opposite of that scene from High School musical where the guy admits he plays the cello

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Some Hinata Facts <3

Minor corrections, Hinata isn’t the youngest to invent a jutsu. Gaara invented all of his jutsu when he was 12-15, Naruto created the Rasen Shuriken at 15-16, he and Sasuke created their Rendan combinations at 12. Neji technically /re-/created 64 Palms and Kaiten. And we never saw whether she cheated or not; she has the Byakugan, she’d easily be able to do it without getting caught but we aren’t shown either way, so not a fact.

Just saying~

1. Gaara didn’t create shit it was all from his mother as a way of protecting him from beyond the grave. His sand defense was not created by him.
2. Naruto DID NOT create rasengan. That was made by Minato at a much older age. Naruto is just developing it since Minato died before doing so.
3. Sasuke made Kirin at the same age as Hinata and her lion fists.
4. How the hell do you re-create something? Neji just stole those techniques from the main branch.
5. Does Hinata even strike you as someone who would even cheat and then offer answers to Naruto not knowing they’re right or not? I don’t think so.

Gaara developed actual techniques using his sand, techniques that were not due to the sand acting on its own. And Neiji was not taught the main branch techniques: he had to develop them on his own, with only a vague idea of what the finished product looked like.

Gaara’s techniques are all simply controlling sand which is something commonly done in….Idk…..THE SAND VILLAGE?! And again, Neji didn’t CREATE those jutsu.

Gaara’s floating sand technique seems unique, so does his sandsphere/weird floating eye thing in his fight against Sasuke.

Independently coming up with a technique requires the same skill as inventing it.

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