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Agender/pan, they, etc. Maths & physics student at McGill U. Animator @ Mt. Mégantic. I do dance, bike & x-country ski. I design & code. I love reading. DFTBA.

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real time question: how does anyone actually date natalie dormer? how do they consider themselves worthy?? how can they stand there while she looks at them that way and not spontaneously combust into a puddle on the floor?? keeps me up at night, man

I think that when you are at that level of improbable attractiveness, and realize that Nathalie Dormer looks at you like you look at her, you can handle it.

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i really don’t understand why ya’ll think cheating and having side hoes or ‘fucking someone’s man’ is cute or something to be proud of. at the end of the day, u playing with people’s feelings and that shit is not cool at all. like dead ass. think about how yo ass would feel if someone was running game on u. stop it. 

Instead, be honest and truthful with everyone involved. Poly FTW.

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